"Come experience the
history of the bayou in
Jefferson, Texas
on a Turning Basin
Riverboat Tour.
Guaranteed to enlighten
and  entertain you."



Riverboat Tours are located across the Polk St. Bridge from
downtown in Historic Jefferson, Texas

One-hour narrated tours.

Tuesday thru Saturday, (weather permitting).

Sunday and Monday for pre-scheduled groups and on three day holidays

Open Tuesday - Saturday
Call for Times

Adults - $10.00   Children - under 13 - $5.00,  including tax


Reservations may be required.  Groups welcome - schools, churches, reunions,
business groups, tour buses, etc.

Since most school field trips are in May, and in
most   cases in the a.m., we recommend anyone wanting
to go at that time to book early.






THE TOUR - The bayou tour takes about one hour and is
mostly a narration concerning the history of Jefferson in regard
to the steamboat business from here to New Orleans,
information about our trees, plants and wildlife along the bayou
and whatever other subjects that may pop up.  We do not stick
to a prepared script or recite a memorized speech.  Each
tour guide does his or her own research and puts together
their own style of guiding (remember, we tawk real funny
down here)!  Our guests are invited to ask questions during
the tour - we try to keep it as informal but informative as

THE BUILDING - A fine example of "Po Phoke" 
architecture, built in the shotgun style, but placed on 
pilings above the flood-line.  After the flood of 1945, all the
buildings on the East side of the bayou in Jefferson were
destroyed.  Lige Albright, a local commercial fisherman 
and logger, built this house just above the flood-mark.  He and
his family lived here for several years before moving into a
larger house.  Over the years several of Jefferson's notable
citizens lived here, including Sheriff Eugene Tefteller, Roy 
and Kay Butler, Mayor Ned Fratangelo, and yours truly,
John Nance.